Wall & Fascia Signs

There are many types of business signage out there! Have you heard about wall & fascia signs? This category of business signage can be related to any sign attached, marked, or inscribed on a flat surface. While a wall sign is specifically applied to the surface of the wall, such as a painted sign, a fascia sign is more so attached to the wall itself. Many different types of signs can fall under the category of all and fascia signs, including vinyl graphics, flat-cut lettering, aluminum tray signs, and more.

Our goal is to design a sign which really gives off a good impression of your business. Wall and fascia signs do a great job of getting your name known due to their large size placed outdoors. By using your business’s roofline and façade to create a space for business signage, your name is easily seen by those further away.

Wall and fascia signs are an advert to the world. They truly show the quality of your business! This category of business signage is highly visible and can help promote services, products, events, and beyond. Does your company currently have something you are working on promoting? Contact Portland Sign Co. today and see how we can help attract people to your door!

Portland Sign Co. has been in business for over 30 years and is here to prove you and your business with the best possible sign option. Our team is here to take you though the entire process of getting a new sign for your company. We will start with consultation, move on to handling the design, manufacturing, and installation process for you. If you have a sign mind, we are here to work with you on making it come to life. If not, our team can create a few design options for you.

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