Multi-Family Housing Industry Signage

Portland Sign Co. has experience designing, manufacturing, and installing business signage for many different industries. One industry we focus on is multi-family housing. Our expert designers and engineers have worked with many different apartment complexes in both Oregon and Washington. We know what it is like to work with apartment building managers to ensure your building is up to code. No matter what type of sign you have in mind for your multi-family complex, Portland Sign Co. can make it happen.

Signage is important at apartment complexes – not only for those living there, but for also those visiting. When there are multiple units within multiple buildings, it can become very confusing for those entering. With direction from signs placed correctly throughout your buildings, your visitors will have a better experience and become more interested in your business. We understand the time you have put into making your multi-family housing the best you possibly can. It’s our job to make your building noticed!

There can be an overwhelming number of options when it comes to picking signage in and around your company. There is a benefit to having an appealing, large sign outside of the complex, along with the signage indoors. Often, people are attracted to a beautiful sign and then become curious about the apartment or home. Once someone is drawn in by the brand created on your multi-housing signage, they will remember your name for when they need your services.

Portland Sign Co. understands each apartment, condo, or townhouse is unique and needs their own personalized signage. No matter where you are at in the sign-building process, be sure to give Portland Sign Co. a call. You can also fill out the form on our website! We look forward to discussing, collaborating, and helping with your next big project. Bring on the business!