Looking to have your current scoreboard updated? Need a fresh scoreboard? Portland Sign Co. is here to design, manufacture and install the scoreboard of your dreams. We have been serving the Oregon and Washington area for over 30 years. When it comes to creating a scoreboard for you and your team or business, we use the highest level of quality services in the market. Whether you have an idea for your scoreboard in mind or not, our team is here to work with you on getting the goal achieved.

There are two different types of this kind of sign – scoreboard and leaderboards. Leaderboards rank a list of players or teams, typically with the highest score at the top. Portland Sign Co. recommend leaderboards if you are simply trying to see who has the highest or lowest score in a game. Scoreboards more so to keep a list of rounds per player. Scoreboards can be useful when you want to breakdown how many points a person or team has at a given time. If you are trying to track changes in score over a given amount of time, scoreboards make a great option.

Scoreboards in general have gone through many changes over the years. Now there are a vide variety of scoreboard types, most which were made possibly through newer technology. However, to this day the most popular type of scoreboard is the old style. With a very basic display, crowds and players can easily see the information they are interested in about the game, while focusing at the same time. These scoreboards are used for all types of sports, including baseball, basketball, football, and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a basic scoreboard or something more new-aged, be sure to give Portland Sign Co. a call. Someone on our team would be happy to chat with you about the many different options for your scoreboard. We want to make sure your fans can see what’s up from every seat in the house!