Public Use Signage

The signage for some businesses is used to help the public for a variety of different reasons. Good signage can perform a handful of functions for those using them. Some signage is used to help people find their way around, such as directional signs you would find downtown, while others can communicate rules, display an image for a specific place, or encourage learning places. No matter how you are planning on using your business sign for public use, we encourage you to have a goal in mind. The team at Portland Sign Co. is here to work with you through your goals.

One thing which is important to keep in mind for your sign for public use is the location the sign will be placed. What is around your sign’s future location will play a role in how your public use sign is seen and used by others. Some ideas we have recommended to other businesses with public use include park benches, restrooms, and beyond. With a good location for your sign in mind, you can create a goal for its purpose.

Once you know where your sign is going to be placed, together we can decide on the purpose and aims of your sign. Our team has been in business for over 30 years and has the skills it takes to create the best business signage possible. There are a million different types of information you can communicate on your sign for public use. We are here to help you come up with yours.

After your sign has been installed, we recommend talking to those who use the sign to get feedback on their experience. Evaluating their feedback will help you measure the effectiveness of your business sign. For any reason your business sign for public use is not getting the job done, we can work with you on making edits. For a business sign the public will find very useful, don’t hesitate to give Portland Sign Co. a call. We can get you scheduled for a free consultation!