Sign Maintenance

What do parking lots, athletic fields/stadiums, lofted ceilings, and warehouses have in common? They all have lightbulbs that are out of reach but need regular maintenance and bulb replacement! At Portland Sign Co. we can repair, maintain, or install can lights, high bay lighting, wall packs, parking lot lighting, LED, neon and of course all electric sign bulbs. This includes metal halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent, T-8, T-12, H0, and T-5 bulbs and much more.

Our team has more than 38 combined years of experience working with lighting, electric and non-electric signs, and no job is too big. Our cranes and scaffolding give us access to the tallest of lights and signs. Many times, we can even suggest a replacement lighting system that is more eco-friendly and energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.

We can even assess your current lighting system to see if replacing your sign lighting system with an eco-friendly energy efficient lighting system would make more sense. This would save you money in the long run, too. Whether you need a simple bulb replacement, a full sign lighting replacement, or conversion to a cost-effective eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting system, we are the local sign company you need.

If there is currently a light out in your sign, or you notice a light goes out in the future, know you can contact Portland Sign Co. at (503) 263-3600 or at the contact form below. We will have a crew of experts out to help in no time!