Marquee Signs

By installing a marquee sign above the entrance of your business, your name is easily recognized by those in your area. Whether your business is located on a busy street next to other businesses or stands more alone in city outskirts, a marquee sign does a great job of letting those who see it know your business name and what you have to offer.

If you can imagine a sign attached to the exterior of a business placed over the main entrance, you are most likely thinking of marquee signage. Marquee signs typically include any specials or events a business is offering at a given time. These signs can be a very good way to attract new customers. Those near your business location, whether they happen to be on foot or in a vehicle, will see the name of your business right above the doorway, bringing them in to see what you have to offer. Marquee signs also do a nice job of improving how well your business name is recognized and remembered by those who already know what you’re about.

A prime example of a marquee sign is a movie theater sign. The name of the movie theater is at the top, with current movies, performances or events listed below. These signs often have lights around them to increase attraction.

There are many different styles of marquee signs, some looking more modern than others. Marquee signs can be beneficial to all types of businesses, including churches, schools, theaters, and beyond. These signs do save money and time for business owners because of their location in high traffic areas.

If you are in Oregon or Washington and feel as if a marquee sign would benefit your business, be sure to give Portland Sign Co a call. Our team is here to discuss the different options with you. We care about the image of your brand!