Canvas Prints

Our bespoke canvas prints provide a high-quality print, texture, and finish to any signage. When you exhibit your logo, art piece, or photography on a canvas, you have more options in terms of location and longevity. Using cutting-edge technology, stunning imagery, and a myriad of canvas prints to choose from, you can enhance your space to elevate any style.

A breathtaking image for any business deserves to be displayed in a unique way. With canvas prints, the possibilities are endless, not to mention cost-effective. They are a more economical choice that also comes in a range of sizes and may be decorated in a variety of ways.  Use a single piece or collection of prints to create a large wall display and turn heads in your business.

Canvases are made of woven fabric, typically cotton or linen, and intertwined with polyvinyl chloride to give it its distinct texture and longevity. Better than most mediums of signage, a professional print will have no glare, give a 3D effect, and bring your print to life. Enhancing your brand appeal has never been easier. Create a custom canvas print to make an inviting waiting area or an appealing office for your staff with Portland Sign Co!

With more than 30 years of experience, Portland Sign Co. can provide you and your company with a myriad of signage options. Our well-seasoned staff is here to walk you through every step of the way starting with a consultation before taking care of the design, production, and installation for you. We are eager to earn your business and help take your brand to the next level!