Master Sign Programming

If your business requires three or more tenant signs, you may be required to have a Master Sign Program. Examples of business types who require these documents are shopping centers, developments, commercial properties & others. These documents must be approved and vetted by the city and set a standard for what is allowed on the property or address mentioned. The process to get your Master Sign Program approved is very formal. If you do not know much about this process or would like to talk to someone to learn more, don’t hesitate to give Portland Sign Co. a call. Our team has experience with Master Sign Programs and is here for you!

Master Sign Programs are documents providing a visual explanation for multitenant buildings located in a single project. These can also be required for businesses located in one development. The document mentions what fonts, lighting, background, and any other elements will be included in the signage, along with the placement. If your building is newer or modern, you will typically need a Master Sign Program.

In the case your business gets new ownership, your Master Sign Program can often become forgotten about. It is important the new owners or management become aware of the Master Sign Program. This will help avoid misleading or incorrect information. These documents are often provided to tenants by the property manager as a part of their lease information. It is important to have a Master Sign Program in order to lay out the guidelines for present and future signage plans within a city, campus, or another environment.

The team at Portland Sign Co. has created Master Sign Programs for businesses of all sizes. From working with different schools in Oregon to helping plan parks with their directional signs, our team has seen it all. If you are struggling with the Master Sign Program for your businesses or location, be sure to give us a call. Our professionals are here for you!