Parapet & Roof Signs

Looking for a new sign for your business but not sure what type to choose? Understanding the many different types of business signs can be difficult – we understand! Signage possibilities are endless, typically depending on budget and ingenuity. While there are many different types of business signage, many business owners choose Portland Sign Co. to design, manufacture, and install their parapet and roof signs. Parapet signs are mounted on a wall or railing and run along the edge of a roof. These signs are easily noticed as they are often placed high up in the air.

If you are currently looking to have your business sign placed or mounted on the outside of your building, a parapet sign is not a bad option. By placing your business signage on the exterior of your building, potential customers can easily find your location. The taller your building, the higher in the sky your parapet sign will be!

When you choose to work with Portland Sign Co., you will be in contact with our team to ensure your parapet sign is just the way you want it to be. We take the time to include your businesses name and logo in the best design possible. By visiting your location or looking at an image of your building, we can decide which color palette is best for your area. Our goal is to make sure your businesses name is noticed to the best of its ability.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Portland Sign Co. if you need business signage! Whether you already have a parapet sign you would like us to repair or clean, or if you are looking for a brand-new parapet business sign, our team is here to work with you throughout the process. We can’t wait to get your businesses name noticed more than ever before!