Neon Signs

A timeless medium which attracts all generations of customers, neon signs are a nostalgic impression which can help your brand or business feel timeless. Portland Sign Co. produces the highest quality neon signs which are polished and refined to reflect the professionalism of your business. We provide a variety of options for your business if you are interested in a neon sign!

All neon must be mounted on something. A skeleton neon creation is the bare bones of neon. Similar to the Portland Neon Staple (Made In Oregon – White Stag) you can see the tubing behind the neon. This is the skeleton frame of the neon sign. This type of neon is truly an art form, and is something which should be treasured. It is not something you see much of, and if this is the choice for your business then you really will be set apart from any nearby competitors. Keep your neon rugged and exposed, Portland Sign Co. can manufacture the perfect skeleton neon sign for you.

Also called front lit channel lettering, open face neon is illuminated from the front of channel letters. Each letter is individually formed, and the front is exposed so you can directly see the neon form inside of each letter. This style of neon creates an eye-catching effect. This type of sign will capture the attention of your customers and set you apart from other similar brands.

Border neon is neon tubing which you can use to outline your business to attract late night business. It doesn’t always have to be about a sign, it can also be used to simply draw attention to your storefront. Impress any passerby with a punch of neon color to the border of your building. Portland Sign Co., servicing the Pacific Northwest, can help you to understand whether neon border might be a good option for your business. We are available to help consult you on your signage needs!