Sign Repair

Damage to your sign can come from weather, vandalism, or even car accidents. When it’s broken, it’s important to have your sign repaired safely and properly. Electrical components, sharp edges, and bent parts can be dangerous to try and fix yourself. We strongly suggest that whether it is us or another company, you do not try to repair a sign yourself.

Our technicians have more than 38 years working with and repairing electric signs, non-electric signs, and light fixtures. They are certified welders and electricians who can help with even the worst of damaged signs. No job is too big! We have cranes and scaffolding so that even the tallest of signs can be reached and repaired with ease. Whether it is a light blub that is out, paint that has chipped, weather damage, or structural damage, Portland Sign Co. can help determine a plan of action that will get your sign back in working condition.

If your sign is needing a repair or replacement, give us a call or fill out our contact form.