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Since 1991, Portland Sign Co. has ensured that our customers are satisfied with their services and signs. We try our best to make the sign-making process as smooth as possible, and we make sure we get your project done right and in the most efficient way possible. As a sign company, we can help you with the complete sign-making process. The process includes the fabrication of the sign, the installation, and any repairs your current sign may need now or in the future. We are a sign shop specializing in all types of signs, from auto and retail to municipalities and education.

Fabrication, Installation, and Repair for Signs in Salem, Oregon

Many people may not consider the importance of your business’s signage, but first impressions matter. A sign is the first thing you see about a company. Portland Sign Co. loves to help their customers give them the best sign and take the stress out of purchasing a sign. Our goal as a sign shop is to make your vision become a reality. We have trained designers, engineers, and manufacturers for the fabrication process. Installation can also be extremely tricky, but our professional installers know how to efficiently get your sign up and running while also being able to do it safely. We think the sign-making process should go as smoothly as possible for the business owners. We understand you have other parts of running your business that require your attention. This is why Portland Sign Co. will also help repair signs you may already have up or need to be restored.

Types of Signs We Fabricate and Install

Our team of professionals at Portland Sign Co. are experts in each step of the sign-making process. Portland Sign Co. can help with any sign you may need, such as building mounted and freestanding.

Building Mounted

Why Portland Sign Co.?

Since 1991, Portland Sign Co. has had the pleasure of helping many companies across Salem with their sign ideas, repairs, and installation. We can proudly say Portland Sign Co. has the best of the best in the sign-making industry. It starts at the beginning with our designers, who take the time to help make your vision come to life, to the last step of the process, installing your project. As a sign company, we put our all in each project each step to ensure you are a satisfied customer.

Sign Companies frequently asked questions

This is a commonly asked question; the answer is yes. The permitting process can be extremely time-consuming. Our team will help with the permitting process from the very beginning and see it through to the completion.

This may vary depending on what stage you are at in the process. The production of the sign can be done in about two to three weeks. Other things to consider will be the permitting and permission from the landlord, if needed, as well as the design of the sign. Our team can help you with a timeline and work to meet your time goals.

We understand that the sign-making process may be foreign to many business owners. We aim to make you understand the sign-making process without getting your hands dirty. Our 5 steps are:

Step One – Consultation

Step Two – Design & Engineering

Step Three – Permits

Step Four – Manufacturing

Step Five – Installation

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About Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon, is the wonderful capital of Oregon. It has gained its nickname “the garden capital of Oregon” due to its many private and public nurseries and garden spaces. Salem is the home of many historical monuments, and the city is the center of Oregon’s government and politics. Not only can you enjoy the historical city life, but you could be on Oregon’s coastline in an hour’s drive.

Things to Do in Salem

FAQ about Salem Oregon

The best time to visit Salem, Oregon, is the summer months, which are June to August. The summers are warm, and the nights are cool. Many guests love to enjoy the World Beat Festival in June, the Salem Art Fair & Festival in July, or even the weekly farmers’ markets. During the summer months, there are always things to do in Salem, and if you ever want to slip away from the heat, the Oregon coastline is only an hour away.

Salem is known for being the capital of Oregon. It is home to many politicians and is where Oregon’s government decisions happen. Salem is a historic city with plenty of museums. It is on the Willamette Valley River and surrounded by beautiful green grass, and flowers bloom in the spring. Often, locals spend their time at the farmer’s markets, and everyone is encouraged to support their farmers and crafters.

Comparatively, Salem, Oregon, has some of the most affordable housing and a reasonable cost of living. If you like being in the city close to everything but love small towns, Salem is the place for you. If you ever need to see the ocean, Salem is about an hour from some of the most peaceful beaches in Oregon. If the city scene is more of what your idea of fun is, and you want to explore Portland, it is only an hour away. Both are easy day trips. Salem has attractions for everyone, regardless of your idea of fun.

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