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Our team of experts at Portland Sign Co. takes pride in offering our customers the best service since 1991. Our sign company has been continuing to grow since then. Our professionals are all proud of the work we continue to put in. Here at Portland Sign Co., there isn’t anything we can’t do. We offer services for Portland ranging from fabrication to installation to repair and more. Our mission is to simplify the sign-making process for you. We provide services for auto, retail, education, municipalities, sports & entertainment & more industries.

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Fabrication, Installation, and Repair for Signs in Portland, Oregon

Making your individualized sign can be long and tedious, which is where Portland Sign Co. assists. You bring us an idea, and we make it come to life. But fabrication of your sign isn’t where we stop. We can deliver and handle your signs installation anywhere in the Portland area. Our goal as a sign company is to offer our customers a speedy, hassle-free signage process. If your Portland area sign seems to have lost its youthfulness and needs a repair, we can also help. It can be time-consuming and money-draining to try and find a sign shop where they do it all. For all your signage needs, call Portland Sign Co. today.

Types of Signs We Install

Here at Portland Sign Co., our technicians on the team can create and install both building-mounted and freestanding signs. We are committed to helping each of our customers through the entire process of their sign journey, no matter what the sign is.

Building Mounted

Why Portland Sign Co.?

Here at Portland Sign Co., we are a big team made up of a selection of professionals. Our team starts with our designers and engineers as they manufacture the perfect sign for each establishment. Our team in the field makes sure to place the signage safely and efficiently. Every project is unique, and our staff at Portland Sign Co. takes the time to satisfy each customer.

Sign Companies frequently asked questions

Yes. The permitting process can be highly time-consuming and confusing. Our team will help with the process and secure any necessary permits.

This may vary depending on what stage you are at in the process. The production of the sign can be done within a month. Other things to consider will be the permitting and permission from the landlord, if needed, as well as the design of the sign. Our team can help you with a timeline and work to meet your time goals.

Portland Sign Co. guarantees excellent service and wants to get your sign out to you as quickly as we can. To do so, we follow our 5 steps:

Step One – Consultation

Step Two – Design & Engineering

Step Three – Permits

Step Four – Manufacturing

Step Five – Installation

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About Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is known for its diverse community with many unique neighborhoods. It is the most populated city in Oregon. In Portland, there is always something to do year-round. The locals enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery and learning from the many different cultures and people around them. Whether you are looking for culture, outdoor activities, or good places to eat, there is always something to explore.

Things to do in Portland

FAQ about Portland, Oregon

The best time of year to visit Portland, Oregon, is June through August. These are the summer months when the city’s outdoors is most on display. Portland’s roses bloom in summer, especially at the International Rose Test Garden. However, Portland can be enjoyable year-round due to its close drive to the ocean and mountains.

Portland is known for its slogan, “Keep Portland Weird”, which encourages everyone to be themselves and embrace the city’s quirkiness. Portland is known for its green area, surrounded by many parks, forests, and impressive mountaintops. Locals love the area due to its welcoming environment and outdoor activities. Depending on where you are in Portland, you can be at the beach in one hour. Or you can be taking in a mountaintop view. These views are breathtaking and are worth the visit.

Every season is distinct, and there is something to do for everyone year-round. If you are looking for a stroll in the park, a hike near the mountains, a shopping spree, or a beautiful art gallery, Portland has it all. Right across the river is Vancouver, Washington, and in about an hour’s drive south is the state capital. Those are pretty common day trips the locals take. If you want to focus on your career path, there are plenty of jobs with various professions in Portland.

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