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Since 1991, Portland Sign Co. has been serving the Bend area. We are very proud of the team we have built of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and installers. We take pride in being the company that does it all. We will be there to help you every step of the way, from the fabrication process to the installation of your unique sign. Portland Sign Co. helps aid those who already have a sign, but it may need repair, too. Our company can handle any industry, regardless of your desires. We can do anything from auto, retail, education, municipalities, and beyond. Our one goal is to ensure you have the perfect sign no matter what your desires and are satisfied with our company’s service every step of the way.

Fabrication, Installation, and Repair for Signs in Bend, Oregon

Whether you’re in the market for a new sign or need a makeover on your current one, Portland Sign Co wants to be your sign company. We understand how confusing and time-consuming the sign-making process can be. Our team of professionals can help during the whole process. We start with the fabrication process. The designers, engineers, and manufacturers work together to make your sign perfect for you. Even when we are done with the sign production, we help with the installation of it. If you are satisfied with your current signs style, we can help with the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Types of Signs We Fabricate and Install

Portland Sign Co. takes pride in being a company that helps you during the whole sign-making process and can take on any project you throw our way. Our team can help with any sign you may need. We have professional installers who can help with many signs, such as building mounted and freestanding.

Building Mounted

Why Portland Sign Co.?

Our team of pros have been chosen due to their fantastic work ethic and expertise in the field. Portland Sign Co. has been striving to be the best sign company since 1991. We have many designers, engineers, manufacturers, and installers who work together to get your sign ready and out there for your company.

Sign Companies frequently asked questions

Yes. Portland Sign Co. understands that navigating the permitting process can be confusing. Our team is committed to helping you every step of the way.  

The timeframe of the sign-making process can vary depending on what step you may be on. If you need permitting or permission from the landlord, it may take longer. If not, we could have your new sign for you within the month.

Portland Sign Co. is here to help you during each step when making your sign. Our 5 steps process is:

Step One – Consultation

Step Two – Design & Engineering

Step Three – Permits

Step Four – Manufacturing

Step Five – Installation

If you need a new sign or want to restore your current one, call Portland Sign Co. today!

About Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is on the eastern side of the Cascades and is known for its dry, desert climate. It’s one of the biggest cities in central Oregon. Bend has a large tourist community but has kept the small-town feel. It has many shops, quality breweries, and a growing art scene. Their main goal is to bring in tourists to visit their community continuously, so they have a variety of activities and attractions to cater to everyone.

Things to Do in Bend

FAQ about Bend, Oregon

            If your hobbies include taking in the snowy weather or skiing down a mountain, Bend is a beautiful vacation spot during the winter. This would be from December to March. It is less than a 30-minute drive to Mount Bachelor. For people who aren’t a fan of the cold, summer is also a popular season to visit Bend. You could float the Deschutes River or tour the breweries on a bike. Many artists come to perform at the Hayden Amphitheater during the summer months because it is an outdoor venue with the Deschutes River behind the stage. 

             Bend is known for being a perfect vacation destination due to its relaxing environment, with many activities to do to keep you exploring. It has a desert climate, which makes it hot and dry during the summer. Since Bend also has the luxury of being close to Mount Bachelor, tourists come to visit during the winter for a snowy escape.

Bend has a lot to offer for many lifestyles. For nature lovers, it is a dream. The outdoor activities give the locals so many things to do year-round. The weather is what attracts a lot of people to Bend as well. During the summer, it is a dry heat and ranges from the 80s to 90s. Although the summers are beautiful, so are the winters. You may see only a handful of snowstorms, but even then, the weather is still relatively dry, with little rain.

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