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We are proud to say we have been serving the Beaverton area since 1991. Portland Sign Co.’s team of experts consists of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and installers. We have taken the time to select our team carefully and chose people who have the same goals as us. Our goals as a company are to make sure the sign-making process is as easy as possible for our customers and to provide excellent, speedy service. We take care of everything, starting with the fabrication of your sign to the installation and then to the repairs. Portland Sign Co. doesn’t limit our services to one sign type; we can help with any industry, including auto, retail, education, municipalities, and more.

Fabrication, Installation, and Repair for Signs in Beaverton, Oregon

Portland Sign Co. can help with whatever your sign goals may be. Our team of professionals takes care of every step, and we start with the fabrication process. Our designers, engineers, and manufacturers work hard to make your vision become a reality. After we have perfected your dream sign, our installers ensure that your sign is safely installed. If your sign has become more of an eyesore, Portland Sign Co. has got you covered, too. We can repair any sign you desire. No project is too small or too big for us.

Types of Signs We Fabricate and Install

Portland Sign Co. takes pride in being a company that helps you during the whole sign-making process and can take on any project you throw our way. Our team can help with any sign you may need. We have professional installers who can help with many signs, such as building mounted and freestanding.

Building Mounted

Why Portland Sign Co.?

Our team of pros have been chosen due to their fantastic work ethic and expertise in the field. Portland Sign Co. has been striving to be the best sign company since 1991. We have many designers, engineers, manufacturers, and installers who work together to get your sign ready and out there for your company.

Sign Companies frequently asked questions

This question pops up frequently. The permitting process can be quite time-consuming. Our team is here to help you with the entire process.

The length of the sign-making process can depend on what stage you are in when you come to us. Normally, the sign could be made in one to two weeks, but it could take longer depending on permits and getting the landlord’s permission if needed.

We are here to support your company throughout the entire making of your sign. Our company follows a 5 steps process.

Step One – Consultation

Step Two – Design & Engineering

Step Three – Permits

Step Four – Manufacturing

Step Five – Installation

If you need a new sign or want to restore your current one, call Portland Sign Co. today!

About Beaverton, Oregon

Beaverton is the fifth largest city in Oregon and is neighboring the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. It has many suburban areas and a growing business population. Beaverton, Oregon has the perks of being near one of the largest cities and close to many big companies, such as Nike Headquarters, but without the busyness of the city.

Things to Do in Beaverton

FAQ about Beaverton, Oregon

The best time of year to visit Beaverton, Oregon, is during the summer months. This is when there is the most going on locally. They have farmers’ markets in many areas and support buying locally. The temperatures are high during these months, but they are comfortable. Due to being under a 30-minute drive to Portland, many people enjoy the city’s activities. A few of the activity’s locals attend during the summer are Portland Rose Festival, Waterfront Blues Festival, and Pickathon Music Festival.

Beaverton, Oregon, is known for having many historical landmarks, such as the Jenkins Estate. Many wineries surround Beaverton, too, some of them being Cooper Mountain Vineyards or Hamacher Wines. Beaverton is known for having easy outdoor access, too. It is under an hour’s drive to many hikes, rivers, and lakes. Beaverton is also around an hour and a half drive to the nearest beach. It is also known for being the home of Nike Headquarters.

Beaverton, Oregon, has something to offer to everyone. There are many food carts and small businesses. The city provides a lot of jobs and growing opportunities. It is near Intel and the Nike headquarters. The city offers fantastic access to a lot of outdoor activities. Due to its proximity to Portland, you can also have a short drive to enjoy the city.

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